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My Dad, Earl with a nervous pup, making her fell a little more at home

Sarah Jess

I am an electrician by trade, the mother of 2 young children, and the 5th generation owner of our farm on Hillcrest Road in Simcoe.  My husband, Brendan Jess, is an HVAC tradesman and gas fitter and he has helped me tremendously in constructing the Hillcrest Paws Only Inn.  

I have had dogs my entire life and am an animal person in a big way.  I was a student veterinary assistant at the age of 15 and owned and cared for my horses all through high school.  I can't imagine my home without a dog or two to make it a happier, hairier place!

I have designed our dog kennel as though I were building it for our own dog.  We have our Cane Corso, Sadie.  She is a quiet, sweet, gentle dog who loves attention.  I would never leave her with someone I do not trust.  I would never leave her without somewhere to stretch her legs and run full-tilt.  I would look for someone who would talk to her, give her treats, and snuggle her whenever possible.  This is what I hope to provide for every dog that is away from it's family and staying at Hillcrest Paws Only Inn.  

The Inn will never be their home.  I hope to make it the next best thing!


My parents and staff and my saviours!

Meet Mary-Lou and Earl Luke. Most of you will see my mom, Mary-Lou, at the front desk but don’t let that fool you. She’s always busy behind the scenes too, cleaning dishes, kennels and helping me get organized. My dad is even more behind the scenes and looks after the outside runs and does a lot of kennel cleaning! They have both helped build the kennel and the business, as well as spending everyday with the dogs right along with me. Without my parents and all of their hard work, I could never have run this kennel as efficiently and effectively. The huge bonus is that they really enjoy helping because they love the dogs as much as I do! Together, we do our best to make the Inn home to every dog that comes through the door.

My kiddos with our own Sadie

My kiddos with our own Sadie