Overnight Boarding

$30.00 per day

Extra Dog, Same Kennel: $20 per day

*The last day of pickup is assumed to be a morning pickup. If you require an afternoon pickup there is an extra $20 Day Boarding fee per kennel.

Day Boarding

$20.00 per dog

Extra Dog, Same Kennel: $15 per day

Office Hours for Drop-Off, Pick-Up & Payment

MON TO SAT: 7-9am & 3:30-5:30pm

SUN: 8-9am & 4-5pm


I accept payment upon booking by cash brought in during office hours or etransfer at I will provide an invoice when dates are requested and a receipt upon payment.


Required to Visit

  • Vaccine Record

  • Info Sheet

  • Waiver, Collar

  • Leash

  • Food

Please email me at and I will send you a Client Information Sheet and a Waiver to fill out and bring in with your pup on their first visit along with a current vaccine record showing all vaccines are up-to-date, including Bordatella (kennel cough).


Suggested Items to Bring

I provide beds that get them off the floor, blankets, pillows, dishes and liver treats. You can add to your pup’s comfort by bringing the following:

  • A small towel or blalnket that smells like the owner to keep on their bed.

  • A toy they love!

  • Your dog’s favourite treats or dental bone

*Prices subject to change*