The Building

The facility has 14 rooms available for overnight guests and a puppy lounge available for playtime, snuggles and for day boarders.  Heated flooring is the building's primary heat source.  The kennel has air conditioning for hot days and lots of ventilation for the wonderful months when we can let the fresh air in and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.  We have installed speakers for soothing music and have plenty of warm light to keep spirits up, even on the darkest winter days.  We installed windows wherever possible to bring in lots of natural lighting throughout the building.  We have a large kitchen with a fridge, freezer and microwave to accommodate any breakfast or dinner requests made by owners and to keep any medications good that require refrigeration.  

 I have done my best to create an atmosphere that can quiet even the most anxious dog and make their stay with us enjoyable! 


Individual Rooms

There are 12 rooms at 7 1/2' X 4 1/2' and 2 rooms that are 7' X 7'.  

They have a raised bed, and doggy-door access to a patio matching the interior room size.

 The patios are poured concrete with de-ice lines in it.

Each room is designed for comfort, cleanliness, and indestructibility!


Outdoor Runs

We have 2 large grassy play areas.  One for large dogs is 60' X 150' and one for smaller dogs at 30' by 150'. The pups are out in the runs with friends or alone, depending on their personality and preference. They might have to chase a few balls and get some exercise while out for their business!  During the hot months I have pools for them to cool down and play in. They get out as much as possible and are often happy to go to their rooms for a nap after a good play!


Puppy Lounge

Built for hugs and snuggles!!!!

We have provided this area for several purposes.  One, I have 2 kids that will be with me often, especially in the summer or if they are home sick.  This gives them an area to relax or lie down if needed and watch TV or read a book while I tend the guests at the Inn.  There will always be a dog or two in with them to snuggle or play with.  

Another reason for this room is to give the dogs a familiar, at-home feel with plush chairs and a couch to lounge on with familiar household background noise and nice big windows to look out.  

The third reason is for those extremely cold months when most dogs can't handle the temperatures, but they still have energy to get rid of. This gives them a little more room to romp and play than their personal bedrooms without going outside for extended periods of time.  

The MAIN reason is that I need a special place to rub some tummies!!!!



A note from Sarah

I have done my best to meet every need possible for a pleasant stay at the Hillcrest Paws Only Inn.  The facility was built around the philosophy that comfort is not a luxury but a need that must be met for each guest.  I have attempted to meet all of the dogs' needs and added extra touches to make their owners feel confident in leaving their dogs with us.  I believe that if the owner is comfortable leaving their dog with us, their dog will sense it and can relax and enjoy their stay.